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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 18, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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. . . this tragedy is undescribable. >> church chaos turned manhunt. big new developments as we come on the air this morning. i'm barbara harrison with the search for who opened fire inside a south carolina church killing nine people and police say there is no doubt this was a hate crime. >> i'm alet green at the live desk. we just learned the name of the man suspected in this massacre. details and new images just coming in. >> the shooting in south carolina hits home. how it is affecting people right here in the nation's capital. our team coverage here on "news 4 midday" starts right now. breaking news just in.
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a name and a clearer picture of the suspected shooter in the mass shooting at a black church. take a look at this pick of him. we just got this in to the newsroom from our sister station. the fbi says this is 21-year-old dylann roof in the colombia area, two hours away from the crime scene in charleston. they say rooff opened fire inside the emanuel african episcopal church during a bible study. he was reportedly inside the church for an hour before he started shooting. three people survived the attack. i am going through their accounts right now. i will tell you more about that in the next half hour. >> thank you molette. >> nine people died in that shooting, six were women and three were men. one was clemente pinckney.
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someone draped his seat in the south carolina state house with a black cloth. >> communities across the country are praying for the families of the victims. people are looking at how to balance the open arms of the church with the sense of security for the faithful. >> the questions have yet to be answered. government motivation still not fully understood. the shock and sadness after the shootings at the ame church in south carolina. >> at first it was a personal reaction because i knew the pastor. >> reporter: a gunfire that took pastor clen pastor clemente pinckney's life. they say the gunman was at the bible study meeting for an hour before he began firing. questions of openness are weighed against those of safety. >> they feel like they are going through a tsa line when they come to church.
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the vulnerability inherent in being open and hospitable and how last night as often happens the kind of veneer or illusion of security was again pierced by bullets. the larger issue for local ministers and those everywhere is what spawned those actions. what brought a gunman to a house of worship. >> this event is part of a broader narrative of violence in our world. i don't separate this from isis and how america seeks to deal with that through violence that won't work. wars don't bring peace. violence doesn't solve problems. >> derrick ward, news 4. >> our coverage is just getting started. our next half hour, we are going to go live to charleston. thoughts of hearing terrifying in you accounts of what happened inside that church. our chris lawrence is on his way to charleston right now. his reports tonight right here on news 4.
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>> here is a live look outside right now where clouds are continuing to break up across the area as we head into the afternoon hours. skies become partly sunny. it is hot and humid. we will likely be tracking scattered showers and thunderstorms later today. right now storm team 4 radar is dry across the area. with the heat and humidity, some storms cob on the strong to even severe side. the greatest risk would be some heavy rain about moderate to high risk of that. a moderate risk that any storms contain some strong winds that could produce isolated wind damage. we can't rule out some hail as well. the winds are there for maybe an isolated, weak tornado. the main concerns would be heavy rain and high wind. i'm going to have more on the timing of the thunderstorm potential later today in about ten minutes. >> new details today coming into the newsroom about that massive data breach. we are now learning the white house knew about the breach for an astonishing four weeks before they revealed it. the "associated press" reports a
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delay that would give investigators time to figure out how bad the breach at the office of personnel management was. >> same-sex marriage and the affordable care act were not part of the supreme court's rulings released today. however, we did learn the results of six cases including one where a man wanted the con fed federate flag. they ruled that they are not freedom of speech areas. this morning, social media unites in the wake of the shocking news out of south carry care. we're gathering new information about what happened and why a few frantic words may have saved hundreds of lives. we're back in 60 seconds.
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a new hashtag many of you are sharing, hashtag charleston shooting. many of you are sharing posts with the hashtag, i am ame. the church is holding a prayer service at noon. take a look at this. the metropolitan ame church on "m" street here in northwest washington posted this a few hours ago. they shared a message from a white churchgoer somewhere in the south who said, i will continue to pray for those in south carolina and praying that
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northbound lanes on the gw parkway are still closed. it has been closed all morning because of a strange incident. a car's engine exploded on the roadway. metal pieces and fuel spread across the road which is why the cleanup took so long. it is closed between the cia exits and nobody was hurt. it is not clear when that side of the road will reopen. let's fight out what's going on with the ftc. they are meeting here in washington to vote on a new rule that could change the game when it comes to all those robocalls you receive. this new rule would let your phone company give you access to technology to block those calls. that would have a big impact on pollsters. hard for them to gather information that politicians and other use to shape your life every day. we are going to bring you the decision when we have it. amelia? >> as we head into the afternoon and evening hours, some scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely.
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a day that everybody may see rain. the timing from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 pp. 8:00 p.m. future weather keeping us dry. we are starting to see this develop west of the metro area. they continue to move toward the east. as we hit about 3:30, some heavy rains potentially in fairfax county, falls church. up into monthgomery county. favoring southern maryland and up around the baltimore area. any rain you see later today could be heavy. storms cobuld be on the strong to severe side. big concerns are strong winds and hail. temperatures for today in ten minutes. >> a six6-year-old has now finished his quest to play 100 holes of golf. >> sounds like something my husband would like to do. little ryan mcguire lives in massachusetts. he wanted to raise money for cancer charities after a friend of his died from a rare form of
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pediatric brain cancer. he decided to golf 100 holes in one day to raise money. his marathon made more than $25,000. what a cool kid. >> one step closer to putting a woman's face on american money. >> how you can weigh in. we are back in a moment. (gong) blend kikkoman into your burger patties to beef up their savoury meaty flavour. (taiko drum beat) (taiko drum beat)
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this is a very dangerous, extremely dangerous individual. we need the public's assistance to identify him as quickly as possible. >> he was just so nice, kind, very supportive of his daughters, of the family. >> this is an unfath omable and unspeakable act. >> the manhunt is on the way to find a 21-year-old man accused of opening fire in a church. 21-year-old dylann roof is accused of opening fire in a bible session. nine people died including the pastor, state senator clemente pinckney. >> he sat next to my cousin throughout the entire bible study. at the conclusion of the bible study, from what i understand
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they just start hearing loud noises ringing out. >> we are getting new information about this shooting every minute. we'll have a live update from charleston on the search for dylann roof. police want your help finding a man that sexually assaulted a 6-year-old girl. he inappropriately touched the girl at a cvs. what police are looking for now? megan? >> reporter: well, melissa police need information. they have some pretty good pictures of the suspect, the man they are looking for. what they need now is for people to recognize that man and call investigators. >> take a close look at these surveillance photos. police say the man seen in them
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sexually assaulted a 6-year-old girl inside the cvs on riverdale road. it happened last friday around 8:00 p.m. investigators say the girl was in a different aisle separate from her mother. she was able to break away and find her mom. >> once the suspect approached her and inappropriately touched the child, she was able to psh him off and get away. sh he notified her mother and they contacted the police. >> reporter: investigators believe the suspect free queptsquents the area and with clear surveillance photos, they hope someone will recognize him and call in with the suspect's name and whereabouts. >> reporter: and a reward of up to $1000 is being offered for information that leads to the arrest and indictment of this suspect. anyone with information, you are asked to call police. if you want to take a closer
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look at that picture, you can find it on our nbc washington phone app. back to you in the studio. >> that frantic last-minute call likely saved hundreds of lives at chicago's midway airport. that call was made just as two planes on a collision course came to a screeching halt. a delta flight and a southwest flight with similar flight numbers were barreling full throttle down intersecting runways on tuesday when a controller noticed the mistake. in reality, only the southwest flight had been cleared for takeoff. the plane stopped within about 2000 feet of the intersection. >> the offending pilot has to listen closely to make sure the call signs are not confused. repeat back the clearance. the lives are at stake here. this is a very critical moment. >> dill ta is cooperating with an investigation. it is unclear if the pilot will
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face any discipline. heavy rain caused rock slides. murray county in oklahoma city is cleaning up after tropical depression bill hit that region overnight. one person was hurt when the vehicle they were driving hit a boulder in the road. it dropped about 11 inches of rain. a flash flood watch will remain in effect in some areas. amelia? >> temperatures around 80 degrees. up to 81 in washington. a high today near 90. when you factor in the humidity, it will feel like temperatures that are in the low to mid-90s this afternoon. high today in gaithersburg of 87. 90 degrees for those of you in culpepper. here is your hour by hour planner. 2:00 p.m., the chance of showers. 4:00 p.m. scattered thunderstorms at that point including heavy rain instid of the beltway. by 6:00 p.m. the chance of some thundershowers and showers still
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around. a temperature of 88 by 8:00 tonight. it is looking like most of us will be dry at that point. the chance of a lingering isolated shower and a temperature of 85 degrees. as we head into the weekend, rain is more likely on sunday versus sat versus saturday. i'm going to have a closer look at your forecast coming up in ten minutes. you have probably heard that a woman will grace the $10 bill by the year 2020. we are getting a look of who people would like to see on their money. people tweeted their suggestions. abigail adams, sue an b. anthony, rosa b. parks and elizabeth blackwell, all very popular names. not surprisingly, a lot of people suggested eleanor roosevelt and someone would like to see a native american suggesting sacajuia. others suggested american lynn monroe or beyonce. you have to be dead, not living, to be suggested for this honor.
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one guy suggested his mom should be on the front of the $10 bill. the treasury department launched a website to let you weigh in. they will also be keeping an eye on this hashtag the new 10 to listen to your choices. >> today is your last day to say good-bye to the dog they called the king of adam's morgan. you may have seen him on his window perch. he is moving to arlington. his owners say he will have more space in his new homes, including a new backyard. stepping up efforts to keep local streets safe, we'll tell
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we have seen a guilty plea from a man who was accused of stabbing an elderly man. horace white said he was
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interrupted by the elderly homeowners. he stabbed the man and fled. white was caught after an investigation that involved metro transit police. he will spend at least 25 years in prison. today, community members are calling for safer streets for pedestrians in d.c. they are walking down wisconsin avenue northwest where two people were recently hit. last week a driver hit a man in a crosswalk near van ness street. that man survived. the next day, a grocery delivery truck hit and killed a pedestrian at the intersection of wisconsin and calvert. this year mario bowzer set a city-wide goal of eliminating traffic deaths in washington live video from chicago where fans are cheering the stanley cup. the chicago blackhawks won the cup earlier this week their third title in six years. you are looking at the celebration parade going on right now in chicago. some fans arrived as many as six hours before it all began.
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pretty excited there in the windy probably not so windy time of the year. lines in the road
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you might notice some changes as you approach 495. they are going to paint some purple stripes to give another signal that drivers will be entering those lanes. the striping is expected to be completed by mid-july. the humidity is back and temperatures around 80 degrees. 81 washington. a high today near 90 as we get into the afternoon. we will be tracking some of those hit and miss showers and thunderstorms. any storms could be on the strong to severe side. meaning they could have some very heavy rain and some strong
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wind within them. tomorrow afternoon, a shower or thunderstorm is possible only about a 30% chance. severe weather not in the forecast for tomorrow. a high temperature around 90 degrees. as we look ahead to the weekend, most of saturday is looking mainly dry. once we get into the early evening and overnight hours some showers and thunderstorms are possible. highs in the mid-80s. upper 80s on sunday with some rain looking likely. some of that rain could be heavy at times. we'll continue to track the timing of rain on sunday, which is father's day and also the beginning of summer. >> thanks amelia. take a look at this video. she shows the new pigmy hippo. >> the new calf hit the water yesterday with a little help from mom. he was born later last month and is the first pigmy hippo to be born since 1981. so cute. look at that face. >> very cute. adorable. we have some breaking news
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right now. suspect caught in south carolina waiting to hear and we will have information on that many could go up for you in just a moment.
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breaking news right now on "news 4 midday." fast moving developments in a story that has left the world stunned. a gunman opens fire inside a south carolina church.
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we have just learned he has been caught. it is 21-year-old dylann "storm" roof. we are standing by for a con fern. we are going to bring that live as soon as it begins. >> we have all the angles covered this morning. molette green is at the live desk gathering details about shocking witness accounts. first that manhunt in charleston. our team coverage continues with nbc's dave wagner in charleston. dave? >> reporter: the hunt for the suspected gunman is on. >> this is a very dangerous individual. he should not be approached. >> reporter: police say 21-year-old dylann roof seen her on surveillance video opened fire on a bible study meeting inside wednesday night. >> this is unfathomable and
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unspeakable act by somebody filled with hate and with a deranged mind. >> reporter: the suspect spent more than an hour attending the bible study before opening fire on the group. officials believe it was a target attack. >> in this case there is absolutely no doubt in my mind it is a hate crime. >> reporter: eight people were killed at the scene. one victim later died at a nearby hospital. >> no waerng at all. no science at all. >> reporter: among those killed the famed church's pastor, who was a south carolina state senator. >> he was a great senator. but he took more pride in being a pastor of a congregation who relied on him for spiritual guidance. >> reporter: the church is the oldest ame church in the south dating back to 1816. a community now relying on nearly 200 years of strength to get through this dark and
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unimaginable chapter. >> breaking details coming to the live desk right now on the suspect now caught in that mass shooting in south carolina. we can tell you that 21-year-old dylann roof was arrested in shelby, north carolina just west of charleston in the mountain regions. we are awaiting a news conference to take place so police can fill us in on the details of the manhunt that has gone all through the night and into the morning. police have caught the suspect they have been looki in shelby, north carolina in the mountainous areas, 21-year-old dylann roof. now, we go to a special report by nbc news. >> i can only imagine the anxiety that the community has been feeling.
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certainly, they have wanted this guy caught. >> reporter: this is the same community that just a few weeks ago is really from that officer involved shooting, the walter scott case. that case happening literally three miles from here. we can tell you a little bit more about this church. emanuel church in charleston is not just historic but symbolic for a number of reasons. this is a church that was burned down some years ago by slave owners here in charleston. month are than 150 years ago. it was rebuilt then in the 50s, 60s, 70s. it was a planning site of sorts. lots of the civil rights marches and rallies tahat happened here and around the southeast a lot of those ral ilies were planned at the church that was rocked by
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tragedy last night at around 9:00. >> the breaking news that dylann roof has been arrested. we are expecting to hear from the president in the next half hour. we will be back on the air when that happens. for now an nbc news special report. we will have much more throughout the day on nbc a news conference is about to get underway. we are waiting for that to happen. we are going to bring it to you live. they are going to talk about the suspect being caught. we just heard about that. his name is dylann "storm" roof. he is from a town not too far from where this happened where the nine people were gunned down in charleston. let's check with amelia for the weather. right now on storm team 4, radar, dry conditions across the
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area as clouds continue to thin. notice in far western maryland, the panhandle of west virginia, some isolated showers there. as we continue on into the afternoon and evening hours, tracking scattered showers and thunderstorms today, mainly from 2:00 to 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. the entire day dry. if the storm moves over your home, heavy downpours. potentially strong winds. still mainly dry. starting to track rain developing west of the metro area. this includes loudoun, prince william, fauquier counties. heavy rain through prince william and fairfax county through montgomery and fredericks counties continuing to push off to the east. it could potentially slow the evening commute tonight. breaking news from the live desk. suspect caught in shelby north carolina. police have this man in custody right now. we are awaiting a news
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conference to give us more details. we can tell you just a little bit about is where they found him in a mountainous area west of charleston. they had been looking in several locations for this man. the police and the fbi just a short while ago had i.d.'d him at 21-year-old dylann roof a man who lives not far from columbia south carolina. two hours away from charleston. the president is expected to speak about this. in moments we expect to get an update from the police about their manhunt for the suspect wanted in the mass shooting at a historic black church in charleston. that church dating back to the 1800s with significant meaning and history in that community. that is the latest from the live desk. back to you. >> thank
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we are continuing to wait for the beginning of this news conference that we are expecting from charleston, south carry care where they have caught the suspect 21-year-old dylann "storm" roof in the slaying inside a historic church of nine people. we will bring it to you live as it comes into u
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molette green at the live desk. still waiting for the news conference in charsleston. the president expected to speak in a few. the police captured the suspect they have been looking for that man in shellby, is 21-year-old dylann
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roof. that's the identification we got earlier from the police and the fbi from his mug shot taken two months ago. police have been looking for him after they found a horrific scene at a historic black church in the historic section of charleston overnight. they found nine people shot. one of them died at the hospital. eight found dead inside that church. again, the suspect caught just a short while ago. any minute now we will get more details from police in charleston who are getting ready now to brief us during a news conference. again that suspect caught in shelby north carolina just west of charlotte in a mountainous area. dylann roof, 21 years old. that's all we know about him pretty much. there was a mug shot of him taken two months ago. he was arrested on drug charges
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but police again will fill us in on what the latest is on the capture of this suspect after an intense manhunt. that is the latest from the live desk. back to you. as molette just mentioned, we are waiting for the news conference to begin. the suspect has been caught, caught alive as she mentioned, in shelby, north carry care, in the slaying of nine people inside a historic church last night. president obama is expected to speak and we will bring that to you live as well. let's go to amelia and find out if we can expect any rain in our forecast today here in the washington area. >> barbara, later this afternoon, specially starting around 2:00 p.m. until about 8:00 p.m., scattered showers and thunderstorms. some of those storms could be strong to severe. widespread severe weather is not in the forecast for today. my greatest concerns would be some heavy rain that would reduce visabilities and some high winds that could lead to some isolated wind damage. we also can't rule out some hail
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and any thunderstorms. right now, the humidity is back and we are back to 81 degrees. as we get into the afternoon and early evening hours temperatures will hang out in the upper 80s. the chance of storms by 2:00 p.m. specially west of washington, 5:00 p.m. tracking scattered thunderstorms 8:00 p.m., humid and 85. >> thank you, amelia. we are going to go back to charleston north carolina, right now. the press conference es about to begin. i think we see the police chief at the podium just about ready to speak. let's listen in. i'm certainly proud of all different law enforcement agencies as well as the community that have been partnering with us since last night when this horrific, tragic event happened in the city of charleston, one that we will never forget and one that we will continue to pray for the families of the victims. we will continue to pray for our entire community. with that, i am very, very
11:42 am
pleased to announce that we have made an arrest in this case. we have arrested dylann roof from lexington, south carolina. approximately 30 minutes ago, he was arrested in shelby north carolina during a traffic stop. we have not only fbi agents there but we also have the city of charleston detective the preparing to fly to shelby, north carolina, to begin the interview process as well as evidence recovery. this case could not have been cleared as quickly as it has been if it had not been for the cooperation, the unparalleled co-op per raegs co-op peration cooperation of all the different agencies involved in this investigation. i cannot say how thankful i am and how appreciative i am of all the people that came together during a very tragic situation,
11:43 am
a horrific situation and one that has touched the heart and soul of every person who lives in this community. they have come together and some of them have worked tirelessly running down leads. some of them have been working with their agencies in various states. the cooperation that we have received from the federal government with all the resources as well as the state government has been unparalleled and i just want to make sure that i publicly thank all my colleagues for the resources they brought and also the men and women of the charleston police department as well as the charleston county sheriff's department who played vital roles in this particular investigation. there is a lot to do in this case. we have a lot more investigation to do to find out why this happened. we have a lot to do in terms of preparing this case for
11:44 am
prosecution. the united states attorney's office has been in constant contact with us throughout the night. they are prepared to partner with us moving forward in the prosecution stage. again i want to thank you for your vigilance being here. i know we have had you here several times and you have helped us get information out. again, it is a partnership and working with you, working with law enforcement working with the community. i want to thank these gentlemen on me right for their cooperation and their assistance during this investigation. right from the very beginning, i know that the elder came out and said that we're together, we're galvanized. we're working together. that's what this has been throughout the night. i am so pleased that we were able to resolve this case quickly, not only for the families but for our community, for our state, so that nobody else is harmed by this individual who obviously committed a tragic, heinous
11:45 am
crime last night in the city of charleston. mayor? >> first of all, i want to publicly commend chief mullen and the men and women of our police department. we understand that public safety is the first responsibility of the government. we invest substantially in the resources and the quality of the men and women who work for our police department. chief mullen. there is not a better led police department in our country. as chief mullen said, we have had extraordinary cooperation from other law enforcement professionals and when you have a chance to work on a difficult matter and see the skills and the commitment of people who have dedicated their lives to
11:46 am
law enforcement, it is so inspirational. because of all of that work, this very important news today is announced that that awful person that terrible human being who would go into a place of worship when people were praying and kill them is now in custody where he will always remain. it is important for everyone wounded by this act which are the church family members, the community members and the people of america.
11:47 am
in this great country, we hold sacred the places with are people come and practice their faiths in safety and in peace. the arrest of this awful man is an important part for all of us in this community and in our country to begin the necessary process of our healing together. governor hailey is here. she will speak in a minute. i want to thank the governor for coming down to charleston. the support we have had from the state law enforcement division, from the others. as i mentioned, the other law enforcement agencies and the fbi and the atf, the county, has been extraordinary. thank you, governor hailey, for your presence and interest and support. i want to announce that i received a personal call from
11:48 am
vice-president biden. he knew senator and reverend pinckney pinckney and was familiar with the emanuel ame church and he, himself, we all know has had a tragically sad time and he expressed heartfelt grief and offers of support. then, i received a call from president obama personally that conveyed his sympathy and whilefor the citizens of america to let us know they were with us and has offered to make any federal resources available. i told the president that the fbi, the atf and the federal resources in the justice department have been extraordinary. part of this healing process we all need to help. so we have created the mother
11:49 am
emanuel hope fund starting with a $5000 contribution from the city of charleston and the mother emanuel hope fund will be a vehicle for citizens in our community and around the country that want to do something to help, to contribute to that fund. obviously, the wounds of the church and all those who were killed an all the expenses of the funerals and all the loss and families and so much more what we have is this opportunity to help them and when we help them, we also the church because we all know that when we're grieving, that that tug or sign of love or support is a very important part of nourishing our soul and the souls that are injured. people can drop checks off at wells fargo. also you can mail checks to box
11:50 am
304, charleston 29402. we'll get this. we have a way that we all can help right away not 24 hours even after this dastardly event that the citizens in our community and our country can help and positively respond. then, tomorrow evening, we'll announce the time, there will be a community prayer vigil at the college of charleston arena which is not but a block and a half from mother emanuel. we'll have a chance to come together in prayer and mourn the losses and come together as a community. the time of that event tomorrow evening will be announced soon. we will be getting that out into the media. i thank everyone who is here. as chief mullen said shall the media, we are able to arrest
11:51 am
this awful person in shelby, north carry north carolina, because we got the word out. it is a good sign, wonderful sign that in america we don't let bad people like this get away with these dastardly deeds. thank you. governor? >> thank you, mr. mayor. i want to certainly thank the mayor. he has always had great leadership but during times of struggle, he steps up even more and continues to make charleston proud. i continue to appreciate your friendship and your partnership. i want to personally thank bishop norris with the ame church family. i spoke with him this morning. even though he is in recovery, he is very much in prayer and leadership. he has asked that we all come together for a prayer vigil at noon. you will see all of us go to do that. we woke up today and the heart
11:52 am
and soul of south carolina was broken. so we have some grieving to do. we have some pain we have to go through. parents are having to explain to their kids how they can go to church and feel safe. that is not something we ever thought we would deal with. having said that we are a strong and faithful state. we love our state. we love our country. most importantly we love each other. i will tell you there is a lot of prayer in this state. you are going to see all of us try and lift these nine families up in prayer, because they need us. these nine families need us. the emanuel ame church needs us. the ame church family needs us and the people of south carolina need us to come together and be strong for what has happened. i want you to know the outpouring of emotions from
11:53 am
across this country has been overwhelming, from presidential candidates to citizens that just travel through the state to any person in any walk of life. every single person that is had to put their feet in the shoes of one of those nine families today and they all know what that felt like. with that, where do we go from here? we allow ourselves to grieve. we allow ourselves to pray. we allow ourselves to question why this happened and then we allow ourselves to heal. the healing process will start. we are so thankful to chief mullen and law enforcement and everybody that came together that refused to allow this to happen. i have never seen when we were going through the command center such passion and personal willingness to want to make sure they brought this person home.
11:54 am
so i want to personally thank the law enforcement community. you have now allowed us to start healing. we can now tell our children that that person is in custody. we can not only lift up our law enforcement community who hasn't slept since this happened but thank them and give them the credit that they deserve and the courage that they deserve. i want to remind everybody south carolina has stepped up today in a way that continues to make me proud. we are seeing love. we are seeing prayers. we are seeing support. we are seeing humility. for that, i want to tell you that i'm thankful. we will continue to be on stand by for all the people all the leaders you see here behind us are willing to do anything and everything for the families in need and for the church in need. for that i will tell you it is a very, very sad day in south carolina. it is a day that we will get through. it is a day that we will remember and it is a day that will allow us to get stronger. thank you. >> we'll take a few questions.
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>> an emotional governor, nikki haley, of south carolina speaking about the tragedy that happened last night. swift action on the part of so many people both the mayor, joe riley, and the police chief who led this investigation greg mullen. they were able to bring the manhunt to a very swift conclusion. >> we know that he is now in custody. 21-year-old dylann "storm" roof. he is very proud of his officers. that is just west of charleston. that manhunt lasted through the night. nine people killed last night. dylann roof in custody arrested because of a traffic stop. that is how they found him. they are working together. the governor saying she will have south carolinians allow themselves to grieve, to pray, to question and to heal.
11:56 am
>> we are still waiting to hear from president obama. we understand he is going to speak to this particular event and we will bring that to you when it happens. everybody very, very happy to know that this has come to a conclusion. the governor announced or actually it was the mayor, joe riley, announcing a fund has been set up for people around the country to be able to donate to help with the families of those nine people who were killed. >> absolutely. of course, all of our hearts go out to everybody involved. right now we're going to toss it over to amelia segal with one last look at the we they are. a high today of about 89. between 2:00 and 8:00 p.m., scattered showers and thunderstorms. some storms could have very heavy rain strong winds. shower possible tomorrow morning and a shower or thunderstorm possible by the afternoon. >> we are following this story. you want to stay tune right here on channel 4 for the nbc news special report. you can also watch it on the nbc washington app.
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>> anne: oh, wait, wait, wait. hey, hey, hey, wait a second. before you go in there i don't know like, pull this up or something. give him a little-- a little something to look at. >> theresa: what? >> anne: brady--he's in there with the baby. >> theresa: [sighs] >> maggie: oh, so gorgeous. >> brady: he is, huh? >> maggie: [chuckles] yeah. >> brady: and he's out of here first thing tomorrow morning. >> maggie: oh, that's terrific. listen, about victor... um, i'm sure that you and theresa will want to bring the baby to the mansion together, so i'll just make sure-- >> brady: no, no, no, no, no. forget about it. forget about it. i'm not doing anything with theresa... not tomorrow, not ever. [cell phone ringing] >> jj: hello? >> rory: dude, you need to get down to the park right now. we got a kegger going full blast.


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